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About Us

XNS SkinCare was inspired by my beautiful daughters. I am a single mom of three girls, ages 4, 3, and 3, who all suffered from severe dry skin. Hearing them cry from the constant itching left me feeling helpless most days but I just knew not to give up hope. 
After trying several products, over the counter and prescribed, I grew exhausted of the temporary relief and sometimes products just to leave their skin reddened and inflamed.  XNS was born in my kitchen, developing various mixtures to test on myself and amongst friends & family.  I knew my girls needed a product that was mild and soothing to provide them comfort. After 2 years of testing and refining the recipes, I’ve finally decided to share it with the world. 
Our oils are all natural and will leave your skin nourished, hydrated, and smooth. The blended essential oils were add scent, stress relief, and stimulate a sense of calm. 
Every product created by XNS SkinCare is made with love, positive affirmations, and with good intention. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Please allow 5-7 business before shipping as all products are made to order. Our products are handmade and packed with care.
Due to the potential of products being compromised after they have been shipped, XNS SkinCare does not accept returns of any products.
We make our oils for all hair and skin types. Test the products on a small area to ensure you aren't allergic to any active ingredients.
Suggested Use
Massage oil into skin and scalp after a shower or bath to enhance moisture. Recommended to be used used 3-5x per week for more long lasting results